We serve the valuable children in the region of Lodwar, Turkana, who suffer from malnutrition, emotional and physical neglect.

These children are lacking total care in terms of nutrition, hygiene, medical attention, emotional support, and education.

They are either orphaned by parents due to HIV and AIDS, are children of unemployed and single parents, or they are cared for by elderly grandparents, non-relatives, or by parents or caretakers with addiction issues. Many of them would otherwise be wandering the streets of Lodwar.

The program provides children with proper nutrition, clothing, medical treatment, educational support and social interactivity development. We train caretakers in the vital subjects of hygiene, parenting, counseling alcoholics, small business operations, and small scale horticulture.  The children receive porridge in the morning, lunch and fruits. We provide caretakers with maize, beans, cooking oil, salt and bar soaps regularly to enable them to feed the children. The program carries out continuous monitoring of vulnerable children in the area, their progress and the challenges they encounter in order to fully improve their well-being, with special attention to equity. 

The program does this in three centers: Napetet Vulnerable Childrens Program, Mercy Center Vulnerable Children Program and the Crèche Vulnerable Children Program.