UPDATE: MAY 12th, 2016

The Vulnerable Children's Program is now supported through until end 2017 by Missio Austria and Swiss Cottage UK.  Additionally, we are now working on developing a new program to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children in Turkana.


Our aim

To improve the quality of life of vulnerable children living in and around Lodwar. 


Our objectives

1) To provide proper nutrition, appropriate medical care and psycho-social support to vulnerable children in and around Lodwar
2) To enhance access to quality education for 500 children by 2020
3) To build the capacity of the caretakers in providing support to the vulnerable children


What we provide

Medical Care

The program provides allocation for the medical care of both the children and the caretakers. They receive treatment from either St. Catherine Dispensary in Napetet Village or from St. Patrick’s Dispensary in Kanamkemer Parish. There are times however, when they are referred to Lodwar Referral Hospital for further treatment to strengthen their chances of survival. 


The program provides food for the children in school and their homes. While at school, the children receive porridge, lunch, soya milk and fruits. The children are also provided food at home through their caretakers with fortnightly provision of beans, maize, salt, soya beans, and cooking oil. This is geared towards improvement of the childrens’ nutritional status. Caretakers are also provided with one bar of soap every fortnight for washing the children’s clothes. This improves hygiene and sanitation among the children at home. 


The children of Napetet meet on Mondays and Thursdays every week after class for indoor and outdoor games and later share fruits and soya milk. The children also get exposure visits to the lake; they participate in the celebration of the Day of the African Child; they also have Christmas celebrations together with their care takers. The program initiates these activities as psycho-social support and allows the children to have a semblance of normal childhood. 


Continuous training is given to the caretakers serves to ensure that children are provided the appropriate care needed to ensure that they attain some quality of life, and increased life expectancy. Without the support of the donors, the children in the program may not reach puberty. 


The program uses St. Michael’s Nursery and Primary School facilities for two afternoons each week for children at Napetet village. It also uses St. Augustine’s Nursery school for children from Soweto and California villages. 


The program has no vehicle to help facilitate the transportation but relies on the vehicles from the other program of the Diocese whereby we pay for the mileage whenever we need transportation. 


With full funding the program is capable of providing support for: 

- 130 children in nursery with school fees 

- 50 children in primary level with school fees and transport 

- 20 children with boarding fees 

- 30 children with school requirements 

- 350 children with school uniforms 

- 125 Caretakers and 350 Children with food support 

- 475 Caretakers and children with medical treatment 

- Salaries of 9 staff 


We aim to increase our services to the following number of beneficiaries by 2020: 

- 175 children in nursery with school fees 

- 50 children in primary level with school fees and transport 

- 30 children with boarding fees 

- 40 children with school requirements 

- 400 children with school uniforms 

- 130 Caretakers and 400 Children with food support 

- 530 Caretakers and children with medical treatment 

- Salaries of 9 staff 



We have a total of nine (9) staff: 6 full time staff and 3 part time and several youth volunteers. 

All the assistance received for the children is controlled by the Childrens’ Protection Officer and Program Coordinator, Mrs. Eunice Majuma with the support of the staff, Program Accountant and the childrens’ caretakers. Procurement of all items are done by the Procurement Committee headed by the Chancellor. 



The program has been supported by several generous donors, including:

Missio, Austria
Hilfsverein Nymphenburg. Germany
Swiss Cottage, UK
Friends of Turkana, USA

Currently, we require additional funding both to implement a new program to fight the commercial sexual exploitation of children in Turkana. Please contact us to find out how you can help.